We have an unrivalled quality and standard of excellence with 70 years combined experience in the carton/converting trade.


A Bit Of Context


Difficult cartons are what we do!

We have Two Jagenberg Diana 105-2 Gluing machines. Over time we have acquired a multiple of parts both homemade and Jagenberg made that enables us to do what most converting departments can’t do.

Our folding and gluing machines feature cold glue applicators as well as hot melt glue systems.

 Multi- Point Gluing
We have the capabilities to glue, two, four & six corner cartons as well as a multitude of other complex cartons.


Straight line gluing

Straight line gluing is one of the most common adhesive application methods. This involves applying either a normal cold adhesive or a hot melt glue to the cartons depending on their material.


Crash Lock Cartons (also commonly referred to as multipoint cartons)

As demonstrated below, they are glued in 2 positions on the base to form the crash-lock, and in 1 position on the seam.


4 Corner Cartons

These are glued in four positions, both infold and outfold. Four corner cartons have a variety of applications, and are used in many sectors (pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Food/confectionary, bakery, etc.) They can be used as a tray or by having a hinged lid incorporated into the design, they can be used both as a lid and base.

 6 Corner Cartons

Six corner cartons are glued in six positions. This type of multi-point, complex gluing is used mainly in the confectionery and bakery sectors.



Hot Melt Glue applications

While our folding and gluing machines feature cold glue applicators, a job may sometimes require different adhesive applications to effectively glue a complex product or material.
For this reason, we have invested in the new HHS Hot Melt Adhesive Applicator, which offers hot melt glue systems for some of the more difficult materials to glue.

Our hot melt gluing applicators utilise new gluing technology. They are extremely responsive and can provide thread-free, peelable and accurate application of adhesive dots and lines.

All Gluing machines are equipped with hot & cold multipoint Gluing systems.
We use both permanent and non-permanent hot glue when required.

  • Gluing systems include:
  • HHS x 2
  • KAS
  • Robotech
  • Dynotec

Machines are equipped with code readers, film detection, 2D scanners & cameras that will pick up text, logo or picture to ensure no contamination or product mix.

Our high-speed D/S tape application machine can be mounted onto all Gluing machines.

Nested Tray Forming

Our Heiber and Schröder CE Speedformer nested tray forming machine enables us to handle a wide range of sizes and substrates including those made from coated materials which are used for fresh, chilled, or wet foods and often designed with an integral lid or window. These materials also offer a more sustainable form of packaging as they are recyclable and biodegradable.


Please feel free to send on any request on style, size, and material on our contact form.